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Jackson Jr. In "Fragile State:" Kucinich



    Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich described an emotionally "fragile" Jesse Jackson Jr. when reporting back Tuesday on his recent visit with the ailing Illinois congressman.

    "He's in a fragile state," Kucinich told MSNBC, "and I think that people who know him and love him -- and there are many people not just in the Capitol here but across the country, particularly in his district, who love him -- they want to make sure he gets through this period."

    Jackson Jr. admitted himself last month to the Mayo Clinic for treatment of bipolar disorder. He has been on medical leave since June 10.

    Kucinich was Jackson's latest visitor at the clinic following his family and former Congressman Patrick Kennedy. The Ohio Democrat brought with him a giant "Get Well" card signed by colleagues.

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    "He was very touched by the fact that hundreds of members of Congress signed a card urging him to get well," he said.

    Kucinich picked his words carefully in the MSNBC interview but managed to say Jackson is in a tough emotional spot.

    "Emotionally he's been in a fragile situation," he said, "and I went there ... to support him and let him know that he's loved and let him know that people everywhere want him to be able to make a comeback."

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    Whether a comeback is still on the docket has yet to be seen. Very little information previously came out about the congressman's health after he took medical leave. Jackson Jr. is currently on the ballot as an incumbent for the November election.