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JJJ Releases TV Ad



    On International Women’s Day, Jesse Jackson Jr. is airing his first television ad, starring a woman: Denise Warren, who is identified as an OB-Tech from Richton Park. Here’s what Warren has to say:

    I helped deliver five new babies last week. I’m one of the 1,200 new health care workers in the Southland, thanks to Jesse Jackson Jr. Jesse helped start a program training nurses. He’s fought to keep our hospitals open, and while Jesse sat in the speaker’s chair, leading the fight to pass President Obama’s health care law, Debbie Halvorson sat on the sidelines until the last minute. Because of Jesse, we have 1,200 more health care workers, Obama’s new health care law, and better access to care, and I have a job.

    Jackson has been an advocate for health care, signing this letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, asking her preserve funding for training health care workers.

    Halvorson didn’t commit to Obamacare until the day before the House vote, but it was much more controversial in her rural district than in Jackson’s Chicago-based district. As a result of her support for the president’s health care plan, Halvorson was one of 13 Democrats “micro targeted” for defeat by the National Republican Congressional Committee. In November 2010, she lost her seat to Republican Adam Kinzinger.

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