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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Most Unpopular in the United States



    Is Gov. Pat Quinn running for re-election? "Of course," Quinn said with a giggle. "I'm the governor. We don't plan to change the title," he told reporters Wednesday at an unrelated event. (Published Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2012)

    It’s a title no one wants.  

    But Governor Pat Quinn now owns the mantle of most unpopular governor in the country. Yes, more disliked than Scott Walker and Rick Perry and Jerry Brown, according to a new poll from Public Policy Polling.     

    The PPP poll confirms that Quinn's approval rating is just 25-percent. The poll was conducted between November 26-28 and sampled 500 Illinois voters. 

    Pat Quinn, for his part, thinks he's "doing a good job."

    Perhaps worse than his poor approval number is that 64-percent  of poll respondents disapprove of his stewardship of the state. 

    In hypothetical matchups Quinn trails State Sen. Dillard 44 to 37 percent, also trails State Treasurer Dan Rutherford 43 to 39 percent.  He barely passes Peoria Congressman Aaron Schock by 40 to 39 percent.  
    But wait – what if he has a democratic challenger in the primary.  
    PPP shows he’d lose to Bill Daley 37 to 34 percent.  And Attorney General Lisa Madigan would trounce Quinn 64 to 20 percent.   
    Quinn can take some solace, however: a month before Rod Blagojevich was arrested he polled  at 13 percent approval.  
    Before Mayor Daley decided not to run for re-election, his approval poll numbers were at 37 percent.