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If Mayor Emanuel Were A Superhero (or Villain)



    You have to give him credit: Mayor Rahm Emanuel knows how to spring into action.

    Twice this month the mayor proved his mettle in times of crisis by helping out citizens in need.

    First, there was the time he stopped to help a cyclist involved in an accident with a truck outside of a coffee shop where he was getting his morning cup of joe.

    Then, just a few days ago, he assisted doctors in helping a man who was hyperventilating on a flight from Chicago to Washington, D.C. As soon as he saw the man in trouble, the mayor jumped out of his seat, helped him to the ground, got him a blanket and stayed to help as doctors tended to the man.

    The mayor’s actions follow a long line of politicians acting like heroes and going above and beyond the call of duty. For example, last year Newark mayor and U.S. Senate candidate Cory Booker ran into a burning neighbor’s home to rescue a woman inside.

    In 2009 current Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger wrestled a knife-wielding man to the ground and disarmed him after the man had cut the throat of a woman on a street in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    In 2004, then-governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger saved a man from drowning in Hawaii.

    There’s even a history of actual superheroes becoming politicians in the pages of comic books. Both Captain America and Thor were once President of the United States. Iron Man Tony Stark served as Secretary of Defense. And, in the 1970s, Batwoman served some time in the United States Congress.

    Which got us thinking: If Rahm was a superhero (or a supervillain), what would his super power be? We want to hear from you.

    Tell us on the Ward Room twitter account, or just use the hashtag #RahmsSuperPower. Our editors will collect up the best responses and post next week.