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How To Work Your Way Up To Governor



    Yesterday, we warned millionaire Bruce Rauner that he’ll be wasting a lot of money by running for governor. In Illinois, nobody starts at the top, not even wealthy men.

    Even Jim Oberweis, who is not known for his political judgment, got that message after failed campaigns for governor, Senate and the House of Representatives. Oberweis is now a state senator, a job well suited to a political neophyte. That’s where Barack Obama got started. But Rauner thinks his money will allow him to skip those lower offices.

    As a primer for impatient rich men, here are the career paths followed by Illinois governors of the past 100 years. 

    Pat Quinn: Cook County Board of Tax Appeals, state treasurer, lieutenant governor.
    Rod Blagojevich: state representative, U.S. representative
    George Ryan: Kankakee County Board, state representative, House speaker. lieutenant governor, secretary of state
    Jim Edgar: state representative, secretary of state
    Jim Thompson: U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Illinois
    Daniel Walker: Law clerk to Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson, aide to Gov. Adlai Stevenson
    Richard Ogilvie: Cook County Sheriff, Cook County Board President
    Samuel Shapiro: Kankakee County state’s attorney, state representative, lieutenant governor
    Otto Kerner: U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Illinois, Cook County Circuit Court judge
    William Stratton: U.S. representative, state treasurer
    Adlai Stevenson: assistant to the Secretary of the Navy, U.S. delegate to the United Nations
    Dwight H. Green: U.S. Attorney, Northern District of Illinois
    John H. Stelle: state treasurer, lieutenant governor
    Henry Horner: probate judge
    Louis L. Emmerson: secretary of state
    Len Small: state senator, state treasurer
    Frank Lowden: U.S. representative
    Edward F. Dunne: mayor of Chicago