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Halvorson Shoots Back At Opponent Jackson Jr.



    Congressional candidate Debbie Halvorson on Tuesday shot back at opponent Jesse Jackson Jr. for his remarks about a Super PAC targeting incumbents.

    Halvorson joined three South Side pastors to criticize Jackson's behavior, saying he wants to be a national figure more than he wants to help the 2nd District residents.

    "Has he ever asked for our vote?" said Bishop Lance Davis from Dalton. "Not until now, no."

    Indeed, Jackson told reporters Thursday he has "never run so hard" in an election. A billboard in Chicago shows a photo of Jackson with President Barack Obama and reads "Jackson for Congress: Together, fighting for you."

    Halvorson: SuperPAC a Referendum on Jackson

    [CHI] Halvorson: SuperPAC a Referendum on Jackson
    Former Rep. Deb Halvorson, challenging Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in the 2nd District, says a SuperPAC's interest in her opponent is part of a bigger question about his ethics.
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012)

    "I think the photos were taken separately, not at a joint photo session," said Jackson spokeswoman Kitty Kurth of the billboard. The campaign received permission to use it.

    After appearing Tuesday at the Highland Tudor Manor to deliver Valentine's Day balloons and flowers to seniors, Jackson told reporters he questions why Halvorson is getting help from a Texas-backed Super PAC.

     “I’ve encouraged my opponent to denounce the Super PAC," he said.

    Jackson Reacts to SuperPAC's Interest

    [CHI] Jackson Reacts to SuperPAC's Interest
    The Houston-based Campaign for Primary Accountability plans to try and unseat three Chicago-area members of Congress in the upcoming primaries, and in the 2nd District they've taken aim at Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.
    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2012)

    “This Super PAC is certainly no friend of Democrats," Jackson said in an email this week. "They are anti-Obama, anti-labor, anti-health care reform, I call upon Debbie Halvorson to actively and strongly denounce them and ask them to go back to Texas.”

    Local reports have said Halvorson is giving him a run for his money, and Tuesday she pulled out all the stops.

    “He thinks the Super PAC is trying to buy a House seat," she said. "I think the question is did he try to buy a senate seat?”

    Jackson said in his own Q&A with reporters that he's moving past the ethics investigation and looks to Newt Gingrich's presidential race for inspiration that anything is possible. 

    “To those who say the upside is gone, I look at Newt Gingrich and I am motivated and inspired what I could become," Jackson said. "When I think about  those who have tripped and stumbled and bounced back – we measure champions not by how quickly they get knocked  down, but how quickly they get up. This too shall pass. This cloud shall pass.”