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Opinion: Group Wants To Give Shotguns to Single Moms



    Now that Chicago is finally getting a handle on gun violence, an NRA-affiliated group called the Armed Citizen Project wants to mess things up by handing out free shotguns here. 

    The ACP, whose motto is “Deterring Crime by Empowering Neighborhoods,” sees itself as a social service organization, helping the underprivileged exercise their Second Amendment rights. Breitbart describes it as “a non-profit group in Houston, Texas, known for helping single mothers.”
    “It’s our hypothes is that criminals do not want to die in your hallway,” says founder Kyle Coplen, a University of Houston graduate student. “We think that society should use that fear to deter crime.”
    As a pilot project, the ACP has handed out four shotguns to women in Houston, and now wants to expand its mission beyond Texas, to Chicago and New York City. On its website, the ACP is holding a raffle for an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle -- designed as an assault rifle for the U.S. Army -- engraved with the group’s logo.
    Sadly, like so many who think they can solve the inner city’s problems with handouts, these well-intentioned gun enthusiasts will only make life worse for the objects of their charity. Introducing a new weapon into an urban area inspires the bad guys to go out and buy an even BIGGER weapon. The ACP will be contributing to an arms race in the inner city. Maybe one of our local gangbangers will win that AR-15.