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Great Illinois Campaign Slogans



    From Honest Abe to Dishonest Rod Illinois has a long history of colorful politicians.

    Along with those colorful politicians came some memorable slogans for Illinois for their campaigns.

    Herein lies a smattering of some of our favorites. 

    Join the fun: try to come up with some slogans on your own. Use the comments section to draft a winning line for your favorite politician. 


        Vote Yourself A Farm                                                 Abraham Lincoln (1860)
        Don’t Swap Horses In the Middle of a Stream     Abraham Lincoln (1864)
        Grant Us Another Term                                             Ulysses S. Grant (1872)
        All The Way With Adlai                                               Adlai Stevenson (1952)
        Proudly For Percy                                                       Charles Percy (1968)
        Keep Hope Alive                                                         Jesse Jackson (1988)
        We Can Do Better                                                      Paul Simon (1988)
        Change We Can Believe In                                      Barack Obama (2008)

        Dever and Decency                                                    William Dever (1923)
        America First                                                               William Hale Thompson (1927)
        A House For All Peoples                                           Anton Cermak (1931)
        Stay Lucky With Daley                                                Richard J. Daley (1955)
        Before It’s Too Late                                                    Bernard Epton (1983)
        Chicago Works                                                           Harold Washington (1983)
        Chicago Can’t Afford Harold Washington             Jane Byrne (1987)
        How’s Harold?                                                           Harold Washington (1987)
        From Harold To Carol                                               Carol Moseley Braun (2011)

        Governor For All The People                                   Otto Kerner (1960)
        Charisma Isn’t Everything                                       Richard Ogilvie (1972)
        Not Just Another Pretty Face                                   Dawn Clark Netsch (1994)
        Let’s Get To Work                                                      Rod Blagojevich (2002)
        Getting Things Done For People                           Rod Blagojevich (2006)
        Common Sense. Straight Talk. Hard Work         Judy Baar Topinka (2006)
        Got Guv                                                                       Jim Oberweis (2006)
        Illinois Isn’t Broken. It’s FIXED!                              Dan Proft (2010)

        Not One Of The Boys                                               Grace Mary Stern, Lake County Clerk (1970)
        I’m Al’s Pal                                                                 Alan Dixon, U.S. Senate (1980)
        Yes, We Can                                                              Barack Obama, U.S. Senate (2004)
        That Guy With The Really Long Name                 Steve Rauschenberger, U.S.Senate (2004)