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Giannoulias Raises $1 Million Less Than Kirk



    In what his campaign is calling Alexi Giannoulias' "best fundraising quarter ever," the US Senate candidate raised only $1.2 million, a full $1 million behind his opponent, Congressman Mark Kirk.

    "Together, without corporate special interest and federal lobbyist money, we raised $1.2 million, an outstanding amount that will allow us to get our message out,"  reads a release from Giannoulias campaign.

    In comparison, Giannoulias' opponent, Congressman Mark Kirk -- whom early polsters have called a "relative unknown" in Illinois -- raised $2.2 million in the same quarter.

    Giannoulias' poor fundraising performance is particularly troublesome given Democrats hold every major statewide office.

    The Giannoulias campaign tried to soften the news yesterday by announcing their fundraising hadn't matched Kirk's.