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Gay Marriage, Blue State By Blue State



    As the Illinois House of Representatives prepares to vote of the Religious Freedom and Marital Fairness Act, here’s how America’s blue states stand on gay marriage, in order of their vote for President Obama:

    District of Columbia -- 91.4 percent: Legal
    Hawaii -- 70.6 percent: Offers civil unions
    Vermont -- 67 percent: Legal
    Rhode Island -- 62.7 percent: Gay marriage bill passed both houses of legislature
    New York -- 62.6 percent: Legal
    Maryland -- 61.7 percent: Legal
    Massachusetts -- 60.8 percent: Legal
    California -- 59.3 percent: Offers domestic partnerships
    Delaware -- 58.6 percent: Gay marriage bill passed one house of legislature
    Connecticut -- 58.4 percent: Legal
    New Jersey -- 58 percent: Allows civil unions
    Illinois -- 57.3 percent: Gay marriage bill passed one house of legislature
    Maine -- 56 percent: Legal
    Washington -- 55.8 percent: Legal
    Oregon -- 54.5 percent: Offers domestic partnerships
    Michigan -- 54.3 percent: Banned by state constitution
    New Mexico -- 52.9 percent: No prohibition or recognition of same-sex marriage
    Minnesota -- 52.8 percent: Banned by statute
    Wisconsin -- 52.8 percent: Offers domestic partnerships
    Nevada -- 52.3 percent: Offers domestic partnerships
    Iowa -- 52.1 percent: Legal
    Pennsylvania -- 52 percent: Banned by statute
    Colorado -- 51.2 percent: Will offer civil unions beginning May 1
    Virginia -- 50.8 percent: Banned by constitution
    Ohio -- 50.1 percent: Banned by constitution
    Florida 50 percent -- Banned by constitution
    No state that voted for Mitt Romney offers gay marriage, civil unions or domestic partnerships. They need to get with it. As then state Sen. Barack Obama said in his speech to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, “we’ve got some gay friends in the red states.”