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    One time Lt. Governor nominee quit amid scandal. Now he's running a long-shot campaign for governor.
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    Scott Lee Cohen drove his campaign for Lt. Governor off the track when he succumbed to pressure and pulled his name off the ballot. 

    Then, he failed in a bid for Independent Gubernatorial candidate. 

    But the pawn-broker-turned-politician wants to remember Election 2010 for good.

    Cohen applied for and received new personalized license plates with the words: D LT GOV stamped on the metallic calling card, according to the Sun-Times' Michael Sneed.

    Sneed reports Cohen ordered them after he won the Democratic bid for LT. Governor, but before he dropped out of the race.

    Cohen still plans to use them. Look for the plates on the back of his Cadillac or his Ford Escape, Sneed says.

    The vanity got us thinking: if Illinois Lieutenant Governor-elect Shelia Simon wants personalized license plates maybe she sports "IMLTGOV" or "ILBCKUP" or maybe just "DABCKUP."