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GOP Runs Contest to Guess on Quinn's Next Signing



    GOP Runs Contest to Guess on Quinn's Next Signing
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    Whoa. Whoa! WHOA! Quinn: This look says, I can't believe what I'm hearing, like when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie called him a disaster.

    Pat Quinn likes to sign stuff.

    On any given day, it's a pretty safe bet that governor will be hunkered over a desk with a box of ceremonial pens ready to put his John Hancock on some sort of rigamarole.

    Most times he sends out a press release and invites camera crews to watch him ink his name. Some times he doesn't.

    It appears the state GOP members are onto the game.

    Thursday party chairman Pat Brady started a contest:

    Prompted by several bill signings and announcements made by Governor Pat Quinn on Fridays so that they can be buried in the news cycle, Illinois Republican Party Chairman Pat Brady has announced a contest to predict the next bill signed or other controversial action taken by Quinn on a Friday.

    “While most of us are getting ready to spend time with our families for the weekend, Governor Quinn has been quietly signing legislation or making other announcements on Fridays that will affect most Illinoisans.” said Brady. “The problem is that these actions get little or no press coverage, and that’s no accident on the Governor’s part.”

    Actions taken by Quinn on Fridays include signing Democrat drawn redistricting maps and legislation watering down the state’s Freedom of Information Act as well as revealing his support for an 87% tollway tax increase.

    “The Governor is happy to have popular bill signing announcements in front of the TV cameras during the rest of the week,” said Brady. “But on Fridays, he likes to take action on more controversial items hoping no one will notice. This weekend – Labor Day Weekend – could be especially brutal so we wanted to put some sunshine on this practice.”

    Contestants can make their prediction as to the next Friday bill signing or action taken by Quinn by clicking on the link below. The first contestant to successfully predict a controversial Quinn Friday bill signing or action will receive a $25 gift card to T.G.I. Friday’s Restaurant. The gift card will be paid for personally by Chairman Pat Brady. Because they may have advanced warning of Quinn’s activities, state employees and members of the news media (and their families) are not eligible to play.

    “Governor Quinn's Friday actions have made 'TGIF' an acronym for 'The Governor's Illinois Follies,’” said Brady. “We’re hoping the sunshine from this contest will put an end to that practice so we can all once again say 'Thank Goodness It's Friday' without worrying if the Governor buried an important decision from public scrutiny that will affect us seven days a week - for years to come.”

    “I’d also invite Governor Quinn to join the contest winner and me for lunch on a Friday, but he’s too busy signing bills in his office,” Brady said.


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