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Fitch Lowers Illinois Credit Rating, Blames Pensions



    Lawmakers End Session With Unfinished Business

    Lawmakers adjourned Friday without action on gay marriage, gambling expansion or pension reform. Carol Marin reports. (Published Friday, May 31, 2013)

    Fitch Ratings, one of three major ratings agencies, on Monday lowered Illinois' credit rating after lawmakers failed to enact a solution to fix the state's nearly $100 billion pension shortfall.

    The firm said it would drop the Illinois rating from "A'' to "A-." Illinois already has the lowest rating in the nation. Lower ratings mean paying higher interest rates on borrowed money.

    "Fitch believes that the burden of large unfunded pension liabilities and growing annual pension expenses is unsustainable," the firm said in a statement, "and that failure to achieve reform measures despite the substantial focus on this topic exacerbates concern about management's willingness and ability to address the state's numerous fiscal challenges.

    Gov. Pat Quinn said in a statement the downgrade is no surprise.

    Rep. Harris Declines to Call Gay Marriage Bill

    [CHI] Rep. Harris Declines to Call Gay Marriage Bill
    Rep. Greg Harris, the sponsor of SB10, a bill which would legalize same-sex marriage in Illinois, rises on the House floor to tell colleagues that he won't be calling the bill for a vote this session.
    (Published Friday, May 31, 2013)

    “As I have repeatedly made clear to the General Assembly, this will continue to happen until legislators pass a comprehensive pension reform bill, and put it on my desk," Quinn said. “Every time the General Assembly misses the deadline, Illinois’ credit rating is downgraded, which hurts our economy, wastes taxpayer dollars and shortchanges the education of our children.

    Quinn said he plans to meet with legislative leaders Tuesday and "keep fighting for pension reform until it is the law of the land.”

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