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The Mad Patter: Nobody Likes Quinn, and It's His Fault



    Apparently, Illinoisans don’t like their candidates for governor, either.

    Public Policy Polling released a survey on the gubernatorial race today, and the results are similar to yesterday’s Senate poll: the two major party candidates each getting about a third of the vote, with the Green Party mounting a strong third-party challenge.

    Bill Brady leads Pat Quinn, 34 percent to 30 percent, with Rich Whitney at 9 percent -- about the same as his showing in 2006.

    “Illinois Governor Pat Quinn is his own worst enemy,” PPP writes. “50% of Illinois voters disapprove of him, while only 27% of voters approve and 23% have no opinion. His opponents are generally unknown … this may be a sign of people voting against Quinn, not for Brady.”

    If there’s one common thread in this poll, it’s that Everybody Hates Pat. Disapproval of Quinn crosses all racial, gender, ideological and gerontological borders. Even Democrats disapprove of Quinn, 38 percent to 37 percent.

    “Illinois Democrats seem to be disenchanted by both of the parties’ leading candidates this year, which could end up aiding Republicans across the ticket,” says PPP president Dean Debnam. “For Quinn to win this race he needs to reinstate voters’ confidence in his ability to be a state administrator but ultimately, and more importantly, reunite Democrats.”

    Still, 34 percent doesn’t justify Bill Brady’s boast that “I could beat Barack Obama for governor of Illinois.”

    In spite of Republican efforts to Quinn and Alexi Giannoulias wear Rod Blagojevich’s custom-tailored Oxford jacket, voters seem disenchanted with both parties. With the indicted governor score even at one apiece, it’s hard for Republicans to convince Illinoisans that they’re the good government party, just because their guy was on trial a whole four years ago.

    Also, Illinois Republicans and Democrats have worked together for years to keep independents off the ballot … but it looks as though they’re stuck with the Green Party now.