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Emanuel Not Fulfilling His Promises

Analysis finds payroll cut promise not fulfilled in mayor's own office



    Emanuel Not Fulfilling His Promises
    Rahm Emanuel has made a lot of progress in his first year in office. Is it the right kind of progress?

    Payroll cuts may not be as high on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s list as he originally  said.

    Shortly after he took office a year ago, Emanuel declared that senior management payroll costs would be cut by 10 percent. But a recent Sun-Times analysis indicated his office remains an exception. In fact, wages and staffing have actually increased since his reign as mayor of Chicago began.

    According to the analysis, Emanuel and his 85 aides have reached an increased average salary of nearly $88,000, totaling $7.6 million in the budget. Emanuel's predecessor Richard Daley’s 76 staffers totaled $6.9 million in 2010, before required unpaid vacations.

    Though 10 of Emanuel’s employees are paid by a grant from New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s private foundation, the number still fall short of the 10 percent Emanuel promised a year ago.

    Emanuel claims to have fulfilled his promise to save taxpayers $5.5 million through payroll cuts, and across the city vacancies and layoffs have done the job; however, five of Emanuel’s head received pay increases.

    Payroll records show that Emanuel now has 22 staffers making over $120,000 a year while Daley only had 12.

    The analysis indicates that four of Emanuel’s department heads, including Police Supt. Garry McCarthy have seen cuts in their salaries.

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