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Emanuel Declares Monday "Talk Like Shakespeare Day"



    Mayor Rahm Emanuel has declared Monday "Talk Like Shakespeare Day."

    Yep, thou doth hearest us right.

    In honor of Shakespeare's 448th birthday, Emanuel proclaimed April 23, 2012, a day when "all citizens are encouraged to express themselves through the incorporation of Shakespearean language and dialect."

    The proclamation is in coordination with the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, but it's totally legit. Read the proclamation here, in which our mayor urges "all Chicagoans to experience this truly spectacular event."

    That means locals are encouraged to use "thou" for "you," "mistress" for ladies and "canker-blossom" for choice words tossed at cabbies. Rhymed couplets are encouraged, as are the inclusion of "methinks" and "wherefore."

    This isn't Chicago's first foray into Shakespeare speak. The Chicago Shakespeare Theater has celebrated the day for the past three years.

    "We are reminded of Shakespeare's indelible influence, through timeless works and a contribution of over 1,700 words and innumerable phrases to the English language, including but not limited to 'lackluster,' 'eyeball' and 'brevity is the soul of wit,'" Emanuel's proclamation reads.

    See, you're already already ahead of the curve for Monday.