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Emanuel Cuts 400 City Management Jobs



    Emanuel Cuts 400 City Management Jobs

    Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Monday he has eliminated 400 senior and middle management positions throughout city government to bring the budget $25 million closer to being balanced.

    That makes 510 total positions cut from the city's payroll, Emanuel said, and he's not stopping there. More government cuts are on the way next Wednesday, he said.

    “My administration is committed to eliminating waste and bureaucracy throughout city government so we can invest in efficient and streamlined services to better serve the taxpayers,” said Emanuel in a statement.

    Approximately 100 positions were cut, along with 300 vacancies. The savings will be reflected in the 2012 budget, to be presented to the city council on Oct. 12.

    Emanuel told reporters every department head was asked, "Do you need the people you have?" The 510 jobs are gone, he said, "not to return." More than $34 million was saved as a result, he said. 

    “Every investment is about making the City better and more efficient for the people who pay the bills—the taxpayers,” he said in a statement.