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Emanuel Calls For Pothole Audit of City Side Streets



    Mayor Rahm Emanuel has ordered an audit of arterial streets repaved last year by private contractors to find out if any potholes have formed.

    “As we pave even more streets this year, we will take the necessary steps to protect our investment and make sure the work is standing up as expected to this winter weather," Emanuel said.

    Ald. Carrie Austin (34th) recommended the audit after she found cracks in a repaved street in her ward.

    “We used taxpayer money to repave our streets, and must ensure that we are not paying additional costs because of contractors' poor materials or craftsmanship,” Austin said. “Wentworth Avenue was resurfaced in my ward last year, and there are cracks already forming this year. We should examine our streets to see if contractors should be held responsible, and I am pleased that CDOT is undertaking this effort.”

    Pothole Problems Persist In Chicago

    [CHI] Pothole Problems Persist In Chicago
    Mechanics say they're fixing up to three cars a day damaged by potholes.
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    According to the mayor's office, the Chicago Department of Transportation will work with those contractors to repair any potholes on the streets or reimburse the city if necessary.

    “Under the standard one-year warranty for materials and workmanship, the newly improved streets should have endured this winter,” CDOT Commissioner Rebekah Scheinfeld said.   

    Potholes are an ongoing headache for Chicagoans as a brutally cold, snowy winter winds down. The roadway gouges even inspired a short horror film warning of their scary consequences.

    Who Pays For the Potholes?

    [CHI] Who Pays For the Potholes?
    More and more, the city of Chicago is leaning on private contractors to pay for pothole repair, which means they still may be responsible for fixing the holes if they don't hold up within a year.
    (Published Thursday, March 6, 2014)

    The problem doesn't stop at arterial streets and alleyways. Main streets are riddled with them as well.

    Emanuel's office said contractors resurfaced nearly 300 miles of streets and alleys last year. Almost 700 miles were resurfaced since 2011 with more on the way in 2014.

    About 25,000 potholes are expected to be filled in March.

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