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Emanuel Arrives Sunday



    Emanuel Arrives Sunday
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    Emanuel met with Rep. Mike Quigley in the nation's capital on Wednesday. In response to Emanuel's potential mayor bid, Quigley said Emanuel "left the impression he's running."

    Chicago Mayoral hopeful Rahm Emanuel will return to Chicago Sunday morning and sources say he has "a pretty ambitious schedule."

    According to Rick Jasculca, a longtime Emanuel friend and public relations consultant, Emanuel is still "putting a team in place" and identifying the locations for his listening tour.

    They plan to release the locales to the media on Sunday. 

    Jasculca adds "he's going to cover a lot of ground ... [he] will be in many neighborhoods, not just one."

    WATCH: Rahm Emanuel Retirement Speech

    [CHI] WATCH: Rahm Emanuel Retirement Speech
    The Mayoral hopeful gives a shout out to Chicago Bears.
    (Published Friday, Oct. 1, 2010)

    Earlier Friday Emaneul resigned his post as White House Chief of Staff.

    Emanuel didn't address his ambition for the Mayor's job,  but he did appeal to the Chicago electorate during a speech.

    "I’m very excited to be heading home to Chicago, which, as you know Mr. President is the greatest city in the greatest country in the world," Emanuel said. "These unprecendented and great times in Chicago --  The Chicago Bears are 3-0."

    Emanuel then delivered a teary eyed missive about the sacrifices of the men who raised him.

    "My grandfather and my father sacrificed so much to come here so that we could have opportuinties," Emanuel said fighting back tears.

    Emanuel also addressed his much publicized rough-and-tumble attitude.

    "Because my temperment is somewhat different than yours, I want to thank my colleagues for their patience," Emanuel said. "I'm sure you learned some words that you've never heard before."