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Edgar: Bill Brady Is Wrong, But Really Earnest About It!



    Former GOP Gov. Jim Edgar wants you to know that Bill Brady is wrong on taxes. And just generally not thinking things through. Reports the Daily Herald:

    Edgar said he believed that state Sen. Bill Brady of Bloomington is sincere in his pledge not to raise taxes, but ultimately he will find there is no other way out of the state's $13 billion-and-growing shortfall.

    "I don't think he can get by, if you are going to solve this, without a tax increase," said Edgar, who was governor for two terms and secretary of state. "But I do think he really believes it as opposed to just thinking he has to say that to get elected."

    Asked after the speech if Brady's budget plans - cutting taxes and services to balance the budget - were realistic, Edgar said Brady needs to "flush out his budget policies" more.

    So, that's good for Quinn. Sorta. Because Edgar says Quinn's not thinking either:

    "There is no easy way out of the mess we are in," Edgar told about 200 people in a speech on leadership at Elmhurst College. "I give Governor Quinn credit for having the courage to call for a tax increase in an election year."

    "Before he says something," Edgar said, "he has to think things through."

    In Quinn's defense, maybe he's just spending a lot of time thinking about other really important things. Like his briefcase "Betsy."