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Duckworth to Joe Walsh: Scared of the 8th?



    Duckworth to Joe Walsh: Scared of the 8th?

    Tammy Duckworth formally submitted her jab at Joe Walsh (8th) after he announced plans to run in the 14th District against Rep. Randy Hultgren.

    "Faced with running against Tammy Duckworth, Joe Walsh cut and ran," said Duckworth campaign manager Josh Levin in a statement released hours after Walsh's announcement. "His retreat makes it clear what the voters told Joe Walsh -- pack your bags."

    Because of redistricting, Walsh had the option to run in the 8th, 11th or 14th district. Duckworth's camp says he avoided the 8th because he didn't want to challenge her.

    "He seems to have gotten the message that voters in Illinois' 8th Congressional District prefer Duckworth’s level-headed brand of proven service and sacrifice," according to the statement.

    Duckworth's campaign puts the Iraq War vet ahead of her primary opponent Raja Krishnamoorthi, who most recently grabbed support from Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle.

    So far, Duckworth definitely has Democrats' attention. She was previously appointed to head of the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs and then Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs in Washington.

    Though she lost her first Congressional run to Peter Roskam, she's a favorite this time around, most recently (unsurprisingly) garnering an endorsement from Sen. Dick Durbin.