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Duckworth, Walsh Draw Clear Lines on Tax Day



    Congressional hopeful Tammy Duckworth already appears to be toeing the party line.

    Monday morning the Iraq veteran joined a trio of Democratic candidates for congress in calling for a vote on the so-called "Buffet Tax," which has become a rally cry for the party of President Barack Obama. 

    “The Buffett Rule is simple: nobody making more than $1 million each year should pay a smaller share of their income in taxes than a middle class family pays. Middle-class families have paid enough,” said Tammy Duckworth at a pre-Tax Day press conference with Bill Foster and Brad Schneider.

    These Democrats are hoping to put pressure on Congress to take a position on the fair tax proposal, even if it has a slim chance of passing.

    Duckworth's opponent, Tea Party stalwart Joe Walsh, used the yearly IRS deadline to get his own campaign mileage. Walsh rose to prominence on the back of the Tea Party, who emerged in 2009 with a series of tax day protests, and more.

    On Saturday Walsh held a tax day Tea Party rally in suburban Huntley, in which he unveiled his newest campaign tool -- a used RV -- and renewed his charge that the country is in dire straights because of the over reaches of government. 

    The Daily Herald had a nice description of the vehicle.

    But the massive motorhome is new to the Walsh campaign. Purchased in Madison, Wis., for $7,500, the 1984 Fleetwood Pace Arrow boasts Walsh's “It's time. Are you ready?” campaign slogan on the side and is festooned with dozens of political beliefs above the rear bumper. The statements range from comments about the debt, spending and wars to Walsh's proclamation that “we are better than Washington, D.C., thinks we are.” Walsh is urging supporters to sign their names on the motorhome.

    Both Walsh supporters and detractors turned out for the event. 

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