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Double Rogue-y: Alexi's New Vid Attacks Kirk/Palin Connection



    Have you heard? Right-wing albatross and self-caricature Sarah Palin's in town!

    And: Alexi Giannoulias wants you to know how much mark Kirk loves her. So he made this video.

    "Something else Mark Kirk doesn't want you to know," the video opens, before rolling through several clips showing Kirk saying nice things about Palin, and comparing Kirk's political ethos to hers.

    "One of the leading female executives in the country, the governor of Alaska," says Kirk in archival footage...then the video transitions to Palin's oft-mocked comment about being able to see Russia from the Last Frontier state.

    The video also mentions Kirk seeking Palin's endorsement and working to repeal the health care reform bill -- before showing Palin arguing for the same thing.

    Giannoulias has been hammering the Kirk/Palin connection all week. But like Giannoulias nagging Kirk about Sotomayor, the argument seems a bit dated. Once Kirk said he wasn't going to Palin's event today, he weakened Giannoulias' case against him.

    Even so, Giannoulias will surely reiterate the Kirk-Palin connection each time Palin's in the news this summer. Good luck with that.

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