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Dog Bites Man, Tribune Endorses Republican



    Here’s a roundup of local newspaper endorsements in the U.S. Senate race. As you’ll see, none of them are even a bit surprising:

     Chicago Tribune: “Today the Tribune endorses Kirk, a Republican.” 
     Really, is there anything else to say?

     Chicago Sun-Times: “We endorse Democrat Alexi Giannoulias for the Senate, impressed by his character, his achievements as state treasurer and his obvious great potential. With a triumvirate of Giannoulias, Sen. Dick Durbin -- the Democratic Senate whip -- and President Obama, every squeak and chirp in Illinois would be loudly heard in Washington.”
     Also, we knew the Trib would endorse Kirk.

    Gay Chicago: “Giannoulias would be one of the Senate's strongest supporters of GLBT equality, as he has been throughout his career. We are proud to endorse Alexia Giannoulias for the United States Senate and urge our readers to give him their support.”

    Pioneer Press: “Kirk helped open a commuter line that serves residents from Antioch to Franklin Park and led the fight to prevent BP Petroleum from dumping waste into Lake Michigan. He also claims credit for leadership in providing Israel with an early warning system on incoming rockets. He helped get the North Chicago Veterans Hospital named after local hero James Lovell of Lake Forest.”
     We got ours from Congressman Kirk. Do you think a guy from Chicago takes Metra? We doubt it.

    Northwest Herald: “Kirk is a fiscal conservative, and his leadership would serve Illinois well, offering a balance to Illinois’ senior senator – Democrat Dick Durbin. Giannoulias offers more of the same. More Chicago-style politics, where style outweighs substance. Giannoulias’ time at Broadway Bank does not speak well of him…the bank lent $20 million to convicted felons Michael Giorango and Demitri Stavropoulos when the men were preparing to serve federal prison terms. The bank also lent money to Tony Rezko.”
    We moved to Barrington to get away from people with names like that.