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Dillard Calls for Gas Sales Tax Cut

Proposes 5 percent reduction while leaving the local government portion undisturbed. 



    Saying Illinois motorists need relief at the pump, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kirk Dillard has called for a cut in the state sales tax on gasoline.

    The proposal, which is part of the state senator’s “Destination Economy” jobs plan, would reduce the 5 percent state sales tax on gas while leaving the local government portion undisturbed. 

    Under the proposal, $100 million of sales tax revenue per year would be bonded, the proceeds of which would be dedicated to rebuilding infrastructure such as failing roads and bridges.

    "This will save a typical family in Illinois nearly $200 a year while also putting people to work on road and bridge projects that are in dire need of repair," Dillard said in a press release. "We already pay among the highest gas prices in the nation, and this is really a tax on a tax. It’s just plain unfair."

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    Dillard pointed out Illinois is just one of seven states that charge sales tax at the pump.

    As the March 18 primary election approaches, the Dillard campaign has stepped up its media presence in recent days. On Friday, the campaign highlighted press releases on two separate topics.

    In one, Dillard announced legislation requiring state Constitutional Officers and lawmakers to carry the same standard health insurance benefits Illinois citizens are required to carry under Obamacare.

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    In the other, Dillard questioned events surrounding a former gang member hired by the Illinois Department of Corrections and whether the employee was given a gun despite a criminal record. Dillard called on Gov. Pat Quinn to fire Illinois Department of Corrections Director Salvador Godinez over the incident.

    In recent weeks, Dillard and his running mate, State Representative Jil Tracy, have stepped up their attacks on fellow candidate Bruce Rauner over issues around the state’s minimum wage and whether Rauner used his clout to get his daughter into an elite Chicago high school.