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Did Pat Quinn Hand Out State Jobs for Campaign Cash?



    Did Pat Quinn Hand Out State Jobs for Campaign Cash?
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    Quinn's Quitters
    Governor Pat Quinn's chief of staff resigned in the wake of an ethics snafu. The governor then appointed Michelle Saddler to the post.

    Pat Quinn may have learned a few lessons from his predecessor on how to raise cash for his campaign.

    Questions about Quinn's political appointments are beginning to percolate in the wake of a Chicago Tribune report about Quinn handing out jobs, then receiving political donations in return.

    The report says that Quinn has received political contributions from at least 77 people chosen for jobs in state government. That's just under 10 percent of the total appointments he's made, but it's enough to raise eyebrows because former Governor Rod Blagojevich allegedly employed a pay-to-play strategy for political appointments.

    Quinn denied any wrongdoing, and said he simply relied on people who've helped him over the years to fill key positions.

    The Tribune focuses on the appointment of Maryana Spyropoulos to the position of Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Commissioner two years ago.

    Spyropoulos had lost a race for the position in 2008, but Quinn appointed her to the $50,000 a year position when it became vacant.

    Five month's later Spyropoulos' father gave $25,000 to the Quinn campaign.

    Spyropoulos said her father's donation had nothing to do with the appointment.

    Read the full report in the Chicago Tribune.

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