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Dems: G Is Your Dog



    Now that President Obama is done with health care reform, his next big task will be kicking Alexi Giannoulias off the Democratic ticket.

    So predicts Laura Washington, in a Sun-Times column that’s been getting somenational attention.

    “Broadway Bank is a goner, and so is Giannoulias’ hard-fought nomination,” Washington wrote. “Getting him off the Democratic ticket will be as painful to watch as his inexorable descent into unelectability. Yet the Democrats must make it happen. Giannoulias is a dead man walking.”

    Giannoulias spokeswoman Kathleen Strand called Washington’s column “fiction.”

    And Giannoulias isn’t behaving like a doomed candidate: he’s holding an event today at Hel’s Kitchen Catering in Northbrook, where he’ll talk about how small businesses will benefit from health care reform.

    The Democrats have already wrestled the lieutenant governor nomination from the trembling hands of primary winner Scott Lee Cohen.

    If they do the same to Giannoulias, the White House and the Dem. Party will be sending a message that all voters’ decisions are subject to veto by Michael Madigan’s personal Politburo, the Democratic State Central Committee. It's a national imperative that will have awful repercussions on the local level.

    Plus, unlike the full monty of Cohen’s issues with child support payments, steroids and massage therapists, the voters knew long before primary day that Giannoulias’ family bank was in trouble. They nominated him anyway.

    The National Republican Senatorial Committee is already making hay out of Democratic party insiders choosing Senate candidates. Next door in Indiana, Rep. Brad Ellsworth will be handed the Senate nomination after Evan Bayh announced his retirement shortly before the primary.

    It’s going to look even worse if it happens in Illinois. Anyone who replaces Giannoulias will smell of the smoke-filled room from now until November.

    The rich, callow Giannoulias is not the perfect candidate. Working in a failing family bank that lent money to mobsters is not the perfect resume.

    But Democrats, G is your dog. You’re going to have to run with him.