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Democratic Superstar Warren Coming to Chicago

Warren coming in December for fellow Democrat Dick Durbin.



    Forget Hillary. Some of the biggest buzz in national Democratic politics right now surrounds Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

    And she’s coming to Chicago.

    Warren is expected to attend a campaign event December 3 in Chicago for fellow Democrat Dick Durbin, who appears to be keeping his options open on who to back in 2016. The Illinois Senator’s campaign is running a contest where the winner gets two VIP passes to a luncheon with the liberal champion, along with a photo opportunity.

    Massachusetts’ freshman senator is making a name for herself in national politics for her unabashed liberalism and her commitment to holding Wall Street accountable from her position on the Senate banking committee.

    In fact, some people are starting to talk about whether Warren’s star could eclipse Democratic icon Hillary Clinton, and whether Warren might be a better candidate for the White House in 2016.

    In the meantime, she’ll be displaying some of that star power right here in Illinois come December.