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Del Valle Is Back On The Air



    Miguel del Valle is finally on the air again. Del Valle, you’ll remember, was the first mayoral candidate to air an ad, all the way back in September. It was a simple, homespun spot. Del Valle stood in front of a beige backdrop. As a mellow guitar played, he declared, “I pledge to be the mayor for all Chicago, for every neighborhood.”

    His latest ad is airing during this last week of the campaign on the 10 o’clock news broadcasts of the local ABC, NBC and CBS stations. It’s also a simple spot. Del Valle is standing in what looks like the living room of a bungalow, staring at the camera. But it’s much more effective, because it displays the del Valle who found his voice during this campaign, as the champion of Chicago’s fed-up and downtrodden.

    As a stump speaker, Del Valle connects with audiences better than any other candidate in the race. He has honed his public speaking chops at dozens of community forums, and they shows in this ad. He’s no longer the mild-eyed bureaucrat who introduced himself as “City Clerk Miguel del Valle.” This del Valle stares right through the screen and challenges his viewers.

     “We can change our city, or we can continue with the status quo,” he says. “You’re tired of business as usual. You’re tired of expensive fees and costly corruption. You’re tired of feeling like your city government is out to squeeze you, but you can send a message: Chicago is ready for reform.”

    Watch the ad here: