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Davis Makes a Pitch for Reform



    The mayoral contender offers a reform agenda with few specifics. (Published Monday, Dec. 27, 2010)

    Danny K. Davis knows a thing or two about government.

    The long-time congressman Monday said he'd run the city differently from the way Richard Daley has.

    "I have always been a man of the people,” Davis said at an afternoon press conference. "As mayor I will empower the city council to play a full role ... my administration would be one of close collaboration with the council. ... I will make absolutely certain that transparency is the order of the day.

    Davis then ticked off a number of problems that he'd fix -- such as the city footing the bill for John Burge's defense, restructuring the city's parking deal, and stopping back door practices like the destruction of Meigs field.

    How he would do it isn't exactly clear. Davis offered few specifics on his plan.

    "I've always run my offices in this way," Davis said.  "It is the signature of my style of government."