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Dan Rutherford's Excitable, Romney-Centric Twitter Feed



    Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford hasn't received the best press for his handling of the Illinois chapter of the Mitt Romney campaign. 

    But that hasn't stopped Rutherford from fawning on Twitter over his candidate's campaign and the time the two have spent together while Romney tours Illinois. The tweets remind us of a child who gets to ride shotgun in the family station wagon for the first time. Oh Boy! They lack substance and focus too much on joy riding with the candidate. 

    "While i outdoor jogged, mitt at fitness center getting good exercise right now on elliptical,"Rutherford tweeted on March 18 at 8:39 a.m.

    Rutherford got hammered in national press outlets for the way he handled Romney's once dominant delegate position in Illinois. From Politico.com:

    Mitt Romney’s vaunted organization nearly failed him in Illinois, where he only remained eligible for delegates on the ballot after a negotiated truce between his campaign and Rick Santorum’s people.

    The problems stem from the campaign relying on Illinois state Treasurer Dan Rutherford. He struggled to acquire enough signatures to qualify for Romney’s delegates and then had the statement of candidacy notarized out of state, which the Santorum campaign challenged despite having its own statement of candidacy notarized in Iowa. 

    Compare that news with Rutherford's Twitter blasts and you might get confused as to why the Romney campaign thought he'd be a good choice to head up their organization. 

    Below is a sampling of our favorite Rutherford Tweets from the last 72 hours (pay close attention to the Jimmy John's satisfaction):  

    • Mitt ate his Horseshoe from Charlie Parker's Diner Spfld in car on way to Spfld airport. Said never had one, really liked it, but filling 10:33 AM - 19 Mar
    • Stuart Stevens editing speech with Mitt while airborne. Ann reviewing schedule. I'm texting & keeping up with office questions. 
    • Mitt has his I pad open reviewing Economic Freedom Speech he delivering at University of Chicago this afternoon. 

    • We are at our lodging in Springfield. 6am for bags sownstairs (sic) 

    • @MittRomney is in second room of event shacking (sic) hands and kissing a baby. People are loving him 
    • Lunch in vehicle @mittromney & I herb chicken, Ann salmon & @dgjackson jambalay Campaign trail includes eating out of styrofoam box on lap 2:00 PM - 18 Mar 

    • Secret service outside fitness center door. Go in to fist bump with mitt and we each off to our sweating. 

    • While i outdoor jogged, mitt at fitness center getting good exercise right now on elliptical 

    • Mitt and ann had 4 1/2 hour flight fr puerto Rico. Grab a bite to eat after landed 

    • Just got off of phone with Jimmy John. Let him know our Jimmy John sandwiches were good at lunch today. :13 PM -14Mar