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"This Isn't the Daley Show"



    "This Isn't the Daley Show"

    After laying low for an entire day in the wake of a crippling winter storm, Chicago's leader, Mayor Richard Daley, emerged Thursday to address the public, and delivered a briefing that many expected to hear him deliver Wednesday.

    He said didn't speak Wednesday because he had authorized his department heads to talk on his behalf.

    "I didn't think it was necessary, these people speak for me," Daley said. "I'm very confident in the people behind me, the can speak on the city's behalf. ... This is not the Daley show."

    "I'm the guy who delegates."

    Daley Says He Delegated

    [CHI] Daley Says He Delegated
    The mayor didn't feel it necessary to address the public.
    (Published Thursday, Feb. 3, 2011)

    The mayor said he spent a time at the Office of Emergency Management headquarters early Wednesday morning meeting with department heads and getting briefings. Once they scheduled press conferences, Daley said he hopped in a car and took a ride around the city to survey the damage.

    "Everyone here did a tremendous job yesterday," he said.

    Daley included the handling of the Lake Shore Drive parking lot in those accolades, and said he understands why residents were angry.

    "Of course they blame the city," he said, referring to the hundreds of motorists who had to abandon their cars along Lake Shore Drive. "That's life."

    When pushed, Daley had a little fun with the media.

    "One day," he said chuckling. "It was just one day."

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