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Daley Wades Into River Reversal



    Daley Wades Into River Reversal
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    After announcing plans to retire from office, Mayor Daley dove into a somewhat quirky campaign issue.

    Daley said the state should take a look at re-reversing the flow of the Chicago River.

    The idea to re-reverse the river, and undo one of the Chicago's true engineering marvels has been floated by environmentalists and some state politicians who say restoring the flow to its natural order would help naturally clean the river and the lake, and even help the Asian carp situation.

    "That could be the salvation maybe of the Great Lakes," Daley told the Chicago Tribune.

    Up until now, Daley has stayed out of discussions about the river, except when he told the federal government to go jump in the Potomac when the suggested making the Chicago River swimmable.

    Thus far the debate has been limited to Senate Candidates Alexi Giannoulias and Mark Kirk. Giannoulias is a fan, Kirk isn't.