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Daley Pledges to Work With Rahm



    The current mayor says it's his duty to help Emanuel assume office. (Published Monday, Feb. 28, 2011)

    Mayor Richard Daley says he will unequivocally support Rahm Emanuel during his transition, and promised a smooth change of power.

    "You have to, those in government don't work to serve ourselves," Daley said during a morning press conference.

    Daley was out of town during the historic election that vaulted Emanuel past his competition in the first round of voting.

    But the two men sat down Monday morning at a breakfast meeting to discuss plans for the transition to Rahm City.

    Emanuel Tips His Hat to Daley

    [CHI] Emanuel Tips His Hat to Daley
    The winner sends kudos to his predecessor.
    (Published Friday, Feb. 25, 2011)

    "[They met] to discuss the transition and the challenges facing the city," a press release from the Emanuel campaign said. "They agreed to work together on the transition process.  Mayor-elect Emanuel is grateful for Mayor Daley's offer of coordination and cooperation as the city enters a new chapter."

    Daley never officially endorsed Emanuel during the campaign, but it appeared that the mayor supported the former White House Chief of Staff. Any speculation as to whom Daley favored was put to rest this morning when a reporter asked for which candidate Daley cast his vote.

    "Where have you been," Daley replied. "Knock, knock, knock."