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Daley Nephew's Police Files Went Missing, Reappeared



    Missing Documents Returned In Koschman Case

    Police files that were once deemed missing in the case of David Koschman have been mysteriously brought back (Published Monday, March 25, 2013)

    Police files related to the David Koschman case mysteriously disappeared and then suddenly turned up.

    The case led to the indictment of former Mayor Richard Daley's nephew, Richard Vanecko, nearly nine years after 21-year-old Koschman's death. Prosecutors say Koschman died after Vanecko punched him in a fight on Chicago's Division Street in April 2004. Koschman died from brain injuries.

    According to an internal affairs report obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times, the police files related to the case went missing at some point years ago. They weren't found or returned until 2011, after the investigation into Koschman's death was closed and police concluded Vanecko acted in self-defense.

    They later turned up sitting on top of a file cabinet inside a sergeant's office.

    Vanecko Appears Before New Judge

    [CHI] Vanecko Appears Before New Judge
    Judge Maureen P. McIntyre made one thing clear Friday: she's got no conflict of interest. Carol Marin reports.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 18, 2013)

    No one knows who took the files, how long they were gone or who returned them. The Sun-Times reports the files included a handwritten note that said "V Dailey [SIC] sister son," an apparent reference to Vanecko being Daley's nephew.

    It was Vanecko's self-defense argument and the missing files that led to the appointment of special prosecutor Daniel Webb to re-examine the case and charge Vanecko, who now awaits trial.

    The missing files are expected to be brought up during the trial. 

    Judge Named in Vanecko Case

    [CHI] Judge Named in Vanecko Case
    Maureen McIntyre's appointment comes after previous judge with ties to Richard Daley steps down. Carol Marin reports.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 4, 2013)