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Daley Honors 'After School Matters' on Last Day



    Daley Honors 'After School Matters' on Last Day
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    Mayor Richard M. Daley (Photo by John Gress/Getty Images)

    Mayor Richard Daley joined his wife, Maggie, and several Chicago Bears players Friday to celebrate After School Matters at Ogden Mega Park during Daley's last day as mayor.

    During the event, Daley spoke of "rebuilding people's lives," a common theme of his administration. He also pointed out his "good friend" Father Michael Pfleger in the audience, and his voice rose as he emphasized Pfleger's work, "always being there" and "fairness and justice." 

    Daley received a standing ovation when he turned to honor the 20th anniversary of After School Matters, which has become a model for national and international programs.

    In a speech that felt more sermon than politics, he passionately paid tribute to Maggie's leadership and contributions, saying she is always "just thinking of young people."

    "It's been my great honor to serve the taxpayers, whether you voted for me or not," Daley said.

    Maggie Daley, using a walker but looking in good spirits, thanked her husband and spoke strongly of After School Matters.

    "I couldn't have ever done it if I wasn't married to this guy," she said.