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Council Approves Arizona Boycott, and Other City Business



    The Chicago City Council still isn’t sure what it wants to do about Arizona’s immigration law.

    A week after some committees approved plans to boycott the state, the full city council approved a measure 46-2 to boycott some Arizona businesses. The measure is mild, though. It doesn't bar city departments from doing business with firms from Arizona and doesn't affect deals that are already on the books.

    "This (boycott) is a symbolic gesture at best,” said Alderman Danny Solis, who voted for the measure. “But we are raising our voices.” 

    Alderman Brian Doherty (41st Ward), one of two aldermen to vote against the measure, said he was  cool to the idea of a boycott because Arizona’s law prohibits racial profiling.

    “This mirrors federal law," Doherty  said.

    The other to vote against, James Balcer (11th Ward) said such debates belong in federal venues, not city ones.

    Mayor Daley, for the record, is not in favor of a boycott.

    "It’s hard to boycott businesses. You would not be going to Cubs and Sox games" if they're up against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Daley said. "You have to be very careful with it."

    Toyota Sign

    The council also approved a measure to allow the Chicago Cubs to erect a Toyota sign in the bleachers at Wrigley Field. Crews could put the sign up as early as today.

    Rooftop owners are reportedly preparing a lawsuit.

    Cop Pay

    In other council news, Aldermen approved a 2 percent raise for Chicago police officers.

    Built into the raise is a measure that requires officers to submit to random alcohol testing beginning in 2012.

    Cribbed Cribs

    Alderman Ed Burke (14th Ward) introduced an ordinance banning the sale of drop-side cribs in the city.

    "According to the US Consumer Product Safety Comm there have been 32 deaths of infants and toddlers blamed on drop-side cribs since 2000," Burke said.

    Fallen Soldier

    The council honored slain officer Thomas Wortham this morning.

    Wortham was killed during an attempted robbery of his motorcycle. His family says they’re in the process of setting up a foundation in his honor.