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Cops Say McCarthy Needs to Shave



    Cops Say McCarthy Needs to Shave

    Did Rahm Emanuel make a shrewd choice by appointing Newark Police Chief Garry McCarthy as police superintendent? McCarthy is an outsider, which means his first loyalty will be to the mayor, not to the police rank and file. But, he’s also an actual cop, which will give him a better chance of earning the department’s respect than Jody Weis. Weis was an FBI man, and cops think feds are overeducated sissies.

    A popular police blog seems to think that the bearded McCarthy will bring new grooming standards to the department. Here’s the headline from today’s blog post on the announcement:


    PS: Goatees are against CPD General Orders... So expect that rule to change.

    However, one of the site’s commenters is more optimistic, writing, “This McCarthy was the police for many years ,if left to run the department without too much political interference,he could be a very good thing. Nothing wrong with a qualified outsider. Weis was never up to the job.”

    Just as Chicago has more than one newspaper, it has more than one cop blog. Another blog popular with police also focuses on the fact that McCarthy is an outsider:

    Outsider to be Named Superintendent


    We went to bed on the news Osama bin Laden was dead, covered in bacon grease and buried at sea. Now we wake up to Garry McCarthy being crowned by both newspapers as the new superintendent of police.

    It will certainly be interesting to see how well he can run up against the entrenched political forces here who appoint gold stars without regard qualifications, educational experience or police ability. We sense another mass bloodletting similar to what happened when J-Fled arrived in town. We wonder if it will turn out any better this time, because it would be hard to see it turning out worse.


    Clearly, the cops wanted one of their own running the department. Since Emanuel wasn’t going to do that, they seem to think McCarthy is as good an outsider as they could get.

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