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Conan Makes Rahm Joke at Correspondents' Dinner



    Conan Pokes Fun at Rahm Emanuel

    Conan joked about who would play various politicians in a mini television series at the Correspondents' Dinner Saturday. Watch to see who he cast to play Mayor Rahm Emanuel. (Published Monday, April 29, 2013)

    Ever wonder if television had a series about some of Washington’s biggest politicians who would play them?

    Well, Conan O’Brien has your answers, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s character shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    The comedian headlined the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner Saturday, ending his speech by pairing politicians with various television actors and characters.

    While many of the politicians’ characters were based on physical characteristics, like Secretary of State John Kerry being played by an Easter Island head and Rep. Paul Ryan being played by Mr. Bean, Rahm’s character was based more on aspirations and personality traits, casting Stewie Griffin from Family Guy to play him.

    While the two don’t look strikingly similar, though many might acknowledge the resemblance in the devious smile and evil eyes, they do share some personality traits.

    Stewie’s character on the show dreams of world domination as he carries out devious plans throughout certain episodes, a lifelong goal the fictional character and Chicago mayor have in common.

    Despite the fact that Stewie is just a child on the show, some might say Rahm has a sort of child-like side to him when it comes to drama and grudges.

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    On a brighter note, Stewie does have a softer side occasionally on the show. Whether Mayor Emanuel shares that trait with the animated character has yet to be seen, however.

    Others cast in the fake mini-series include Vice President Joe Biden to be played by Bob Barker, Chief Justice John Roberts to be played by Buzz Lightyear, CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer to be played by a Furby and Sen. Mitch McConnell to be played by Dame Edna.