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Clarification Needed



    Clarification Needed
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    Blago Saga Continues |
    Deputy Governor Robert Greenlee testified that Rod would hide in bathrooms to avoid discussing complex issues. Other tapes played portrayed Blago as a foul-mouthed, brooding governor.

    Jurors in the Rod Blagojevich case Wednesday delivered a somewhat confusing note to Judge James Zagel.

    They said they were deadlocked on "given counts" and they wanted advice on what to do next. Nobody was really sure what "given counts" meant, including Judge Zagel. He sent a note back asking the jury to clarify their frustrations.

    The public is supposed to hear that clarification this morning sometime after 11 a.m. when lawyers assemble for a late morning meeting.

    Speculation has run the gamut from there being an impasse on a few counts to a completely hung jury.

    If anyone knows, it's the lawyers who were summoned to the Dirksen Federal Building Wednesday afternoon by Zagel and spent about 15 minutes behind closed doors with the judge.

    Zagel instructed the lawyers to stay quiet about what was said in that meeting and afterward attorneys Michael Ettinger and Sam Adam spoke in cryptic terms about what went on.

    "The judge has asked the defense and the prosecution to make no statements," Adam said. "We can't help it and that's the way it is," Adam said.