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City Hall: Rahm Didn't Send Goat's Head to Cubs



    Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office is denying responsibility for sending the severed goat’s head that was delivered to Wrigley Field on Wednesday. Isn't it great that they even have to issue a statement?

    The goat’s head was an apparent reference to the Curse of the Billy Goat, which has hexed the Cubs since Billy Goat Tavern owner William Sianis was not allowed to bring his pet to a 1945 World Series game. In retaliation, the Greek publican declared the Cubs would never win again. 
    When news of the goat’s head broke, all thoughts turned to Emanuel, who is known for sending dead animals to his enemies.
    In 1988, while working for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Emanuel mailed a dead fish to a pollster whose bad numbers he blamed for losing a race in upstate New York. The city is negotiating with the Cubs over the number of night games and the right to build a Jumbotron that would block the view of rooftop clubs across Sheffield Avenue.
    Rahm is just the kind of S.O.B. who would use livestock parts to intimidate Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts.
    But City Hall says it wasn’t him. DNA Info reporter Mark Konkol texted Emanuel spokeswoman Sarah Hamilton, asking whether the mayor was responsible.
    "No," she replied. "It's well known that the mayor only sends dead fish."