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Chico for Alcalde



    Chico for Alcalde

    Gery Chico isn't just running for mayor, he's running for alcalde.

    Chico promised he would start airing ads in early January. This week, he’s finally going on the air, with two English language ads and a Spanish-language testimonial from Rep. Luis Gutierrez, which will be seen on Telemundo and Univision. Here’s what Gutierrez has to say about Chico, according to the subtitles:

     It is much more than making history. I support Gery Chico for mayor because his story is ours. Gery’s grandparents arrived from Mexico with nothing, and they made a good life. Gery has given back much to our community. He is the founder of the Mexican American Chamber of Commerce. A leader in obtaining better schools. And he has fought next to me for immigration reform. Gery Chico is the leader who will fight for us, the man that we need for mayor.

    Gutierrez is the most prominent Latino politician in the Midwest. This ad, along with last week’s endorsement by former mayoral candidate Wilfredo de Jesus, helps Chico rally his ethnic base by making the case that he’s the only viable candidate to become Chicago’s first Latino mayor. Not surprisingly, Miguel del Valle disagrees. Del Valle used the occasion of Gutierrez’s endorsement to once again rip Chico for being a fatcat lobbyist who used his political connections to enrich himself:

    I have known Rep. Gutierrez for many years. I respect his service to Chicago and to Illinois in the United States Congress. He has been a leader in the fight for comprehensive immigration reform.

    I disagree with his choice in this case. It is time, after twenty years of cynicism among voters and corruption among the elected, that we make a change.  Chicago is ripe for it.  My opponent, Gery Chico, has earned millions of dollars off his City Hall contracts. A well-funded, highly connected insider can neither fix the budget nor halt corruption. It takes proven competence and strong ethics, and I will bring both to City Hall.