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Opinion: Chicago Has Two Seasons: Winter and Murder



    In Chicago, we have two seasons: winter, and murder. Death did not take a holiday for the 4th of July. More than 70 Chicagoans were shot and 12 were killed over the four-day weekend. 

    Here are the murder totals for each month in 2013, along with the average temperatures. In February, the coldest month, we had only 14 murders. May and June each had 44 murders (although so did January, which was warmer than normal.)
    So far, 16 Chicagoans have been murdered this month, putting us on a pace for 66 in July. 
    January: 44
    Average high temperature: 35.8 degrees
    Historical average: 29.6 degrees
    January 2012: 40
    February: 14
    Average high temperature: 34.2 degrees
    Historical average: 34.4 degrees
    February 2012: 29
    March: 18
    Average high temperature: 40.5 degrees
    Historical average: 46.1 degrees
    March 2012: 52
    April: 24
    Average high temperature: 57.3 degrees
    Historical average: 58 degrees
    April 2012: 41
    May: 44
    Average temperature: 57
    Historical average: 59 degrees
    May 2012: 51
    June: 44
    Average high temperature: 78.5 degrees
    Historical average: 79.2 degrees
    June 2012: 47
    July: 16 (on pace for 66)
    Average high temperature: 78.2 degrees 
    Historical average: 83.5 degrees 
    July 2012: 49