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Chicago School Closings Sparks Emanuel Meme



    A whole fake (and well-publicized) Twitter account has been devoted to Mayor Rahm Emanuel, so why not a meme?

    Ward Room spied a winking Emanuel meme on Facebook this week pointing to the irony of how money is spent in Chicago in light of 54 public schools being closed and consolidated.

    "Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel claims there is no money for schools ... Gives a $50 million tax break to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, his second larges campaign contributor."

    With a guy like Emanuel in office, this isn't the first meme created around Chicago's mayor and likely won't be the last.

    Earlier this week hundreds of teachers marched downtown to protest the recently announced school closings. Residents have expressed concerns about the effect the change will have on their community, and some families worry the plan will force their children to cross gang lines.

    Emanuel's office has insisted closing the schools is the best way to improve education in the country's third-largest school district.

    "Every child will go to a school with a library, air conditioning, new technology and better quality is achieved and the safety is there for them," Emanuel said.

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