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Chicago Coalition Forms to Fight Pension Cuts



    City Workers call on Mayor Emanuel to raise taxes, not cut pension benefits (Published Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014)

    Several Chicago groups have joined forces in an attempt to protecting their retirement security.

    "We Are One Chicago" is made up of both union members and retirees, and includes professionals such as teachers, firefighters, nurses, police officers and other city workers.

    The group's state goal is to "educate lawmakers and mobilize Illinoisans against cutting the modest life savings of the city's employees and retirees."

    Union groups in the coalition include the Chicago Federation of Labor, Chicago Teachers Union, Fraternal Order of Police Chicago Lodge 7, and several other police, firefighter and nurses' labor organizations.

    The group seeks to protect their workers' pensions from being cut and are calling on the city to close corporate loopholes and raise taxes instead of cutting benefits.