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Chicago City Council: John Pope

10th Ward Alderman John Pope



    Chicago City Council: John Pope

    John Pope grew up on the East South Side of Chicago, which is why he can argue that he understands the former steel hub that is the 10th ward.

    Ald. Pope is a third generation resident of the neighborhood, and now he is in his fourth term governing it.

    Background: Ald. Pope was raised in the 10th ward and attended Mount Carmel High School and Wabash College in Indiana where he played football. He holds a degree in economics. After college, he returned  to Chicago to pursue a career in public service. Pope has worked for City of Chicago's Office of Budget and Management as an Analyst, Director of Demolition for the Building Department, Director of Conservation and as an assistant to former Mayor Richard M. Daley. He was elected in May of 1999.

    Ward: The 10th ward is located on the southeast side of Chicago. Neighborhoods include South Chicago, East Side and South Deering. The area was once a heavy industrial area with factories and plants specializing in steel. Most of the steel plants have closed, leaving the area with unique economic issues. The area does have thriving wildlife within the boarders of Wolf Lake. The area is also known for having a more eco-friendly atmosphere, with LEED-certified buildings and other green spaces.

    The Office: Ald. Pope has been very popular during his runs for office. Last time around, he gained 70 percent of the vote to propel him to his third term alderman. Some of Pope's platform includes improving education, reducing crime and creating more economic development. Senior citizen's rights are another concern for the Alderman. Pope has influence concerning immigration rights and affordable housing. He opened two new schools and a Chicago manufacturing center. Pope supported the Big Box Ordinance, a law that would force big retailers to pay employees a living wage of $10 an hour.

    Budget and Government Operations
    Committees, Rules and Ethics
    Health and Environmental Protection
    Housing and Real Estate
    Human Relations
    Public Safety
    Transportation and Public Way (Vice-Chair)
    Joint Committee on Economic, Capital and Technology Development and Health and Environmental Protection

    Information Provided By: City of Chicago website and Office of the City Clerk.