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Chicago City Council: Sandi Jackson

7th Ward Alderman Sandi Jackson



    Chicago City Council: Sandi Jackson
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    Sandi Jackson, wife of congressman Jesse Jackson Jr., seems to eat, sleep and live for politics.

    The popular alderman once served as a staffer for the National Democratic Committee, she knows the ins and outs of both political life in Washington D.C. as well as Chicago. As the wife of Jackson Jr., she is married into a powerful family. That marriage, while helpful, also brings controversy.

    In 2011, Sandi Jackson endured stories of her husband's infidelity, involvement in the Rod Blagojevich scandal, and continues to live through a congressional ethics investigation of her husband.

    Background: Jackson was elected alderman of the 7th Ward in 2007. She beat well-known incumbent Darcel A. Beavers for the spot.

    Before campaigning to be alderman, Jackson campaigned for others. She was Deputy Director of Training for the Democratic National Committee, Vice President of Congressional and External Affairs for the Export/Import Bank of the United States under President Clinton, National Outreach Coordinator for the Clinton/Gore '96 Campaign and a former press secretary for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

    She gradated from Bowling Green State University and has a Juris Doctorate from the University of Illinois School of Law. She is married to U.S. Congressman Jesse L. Jackson.

    The Ward: The 7th Ward is located on the South Side of Chicago. It is made up of neighborhoods in South Shore, Jeffery Manor and Calumet Heights. The area is largely African American and middle class. South Shore is known for its historical glitzy buildings.

    The Office: Jackson is well versed in campaigning. Because of that, she knows how to get her message out to the public. Her goals for the ward are focused primarily on jobs. She works to achieve more economic development in the area. Jackson hosted a much talked about "Jobs Rally and Chicken Giveaway" and posts most jobs on Facebook.

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