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Meeks, Davis "Anoint" Moseley-Braun as Unity Candidate



    Carol Moseley Braun, flanked by former mayoral opponents James Meeks and Danny Davis, thanked them Sunday morning for their "nobility" in dropping out of the race.

    The venue was the massive Salem Baptist Church on Chicago's far South Side. Reverend Meeks who is also a state senator, is pastor there. He, West Side Congressman Davis and Moseley Braun all spoke of African American unity in what will be a tough campaign.

    Alluding to fellow candidate Rahm Emanuel, Moseley Braun told the congregation, "Money will be pouring in...people parachuting in." She asked those assembled to "lift me up for your anointing."

    Asked afterward about the possibility that Barack Obama, the first African American president, might weigh into this race on behalf of Emanuel, his former chief of staff, Moseley Braun said, "This is not just about African American unity."