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CTU Passes Over Rahm for Its Lawmaker Dinner



    CTU Passes Over Rahm for Its Lawmaker Dinner
    Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces 150 more cops will be working the beat on Chicago's streets.

    The Chicago Teachers Union hosts an annual dinner intent on honoring legislators and educators who make a difference in the scholastic arena.

    The Legislators Educators Appreciation Dinner (LEAD) is a big deal for the Teachers Union that has regularly drawn significant attendees during its 32 year run.

    Mayor Richard Daley, however, made a practice of skipping the event because his handlers thought it would look badly for him. According to a 2008 Substance News post, a teacher friendly blog:

    For years (even in non-election years) every major political leader in Illinois (except Mayor Daley) — including many Republicans — made sure they attended and circulated among the thousands there. Daley’s been afraid of the teachers since be began his teacher bashing corporate “school reform” dictatorship a dozen years ago.

    While the teachers would offer Daley a chance to attend, this year the Teachers Union didn't even think about inviting Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

    "Oh, no, we did not ask him to come," said CTU spokeswoman Stephanie Gatlin.

    It's not surprising to hear that Emanuel was passed up for an invite. After all, he's been at war with the Teacher's Union since taking office in May.

    Perhaps to add insult to injury, the group did invite Governor Pat Quinn.