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Rauner Mistakenly Vows to Tax "Trailer Parks" If Elected Governor

Shaking my head.



    Bruce Rauner handed Pat Quinn yet another opening to attack his one-percenter lifestyle when the Republican gubernatorial candidate mistakenly pitched a plan to tax trailer parks.

    "Only someone with nine homes would propose taxing trailer parks," said Quinn rep Brooke Anderson, issuing a rebuttal to the detailed new budget proposal Rauner released Thursday.

    But wait! The Illinois venture capitalist happened to botch the wording in the section of his 22-page "Bring Back Blueprint" where he outlines a proposal to raise $600 million and broaden the sales tax for stuff he considers "non-essential and more luxury": golf memberships, charter flights and "trailer parks - overnight."

    Say what?

    As noted by Capitol Fax's Rich Miller, "Those aren't 'trailer parks,' they're RV campgrounds. So Brooke's attack is half valid, and the Rauner campaign brought it on themselves."

    With November's election just four months away, Gov. Quinn has ramped up efforts to cast Rauner as an out-of-touch mega-millionaire and the recent revelation that the Winnetka businessman used a corporate tax loophole was like a gift to Quinn and other Democrats embroiled in tough re-election battles. But the unpopular Quinn remains a liability within his own party and he's trailing Rauner in the polls.

    Responding to Rauner's "Blueprint," the governor sniped that it hurts working people and small businesses, declaring: "I'm not for the Rauner tax. This is a tax on business and everyday people as they go about their daily lives. I think it's a terrible idea."